Can you help support the inaugural Memento Scrapbook Project?

How can you help?

As I have witnessed the excitement this scrapbook project has generated around the world, and the looks on our participating students' faces, I have realised the Memento Scrapbook project has a strong future as an annual celebration of our #globalclassroom stories over the years to come.

Unfortunately, this project can only continue with your financial support.

As a relief (substitute) teacher, I can't really afford to completely fund this project out of my own pocket, which is why I am asking the #globalclassroom community to help cover the costs of this unique educational project, and ensure its long-term sustainability over the years to come.

You can help support this project by:
  • Making a small financial contribution (please!)
  • Sharing this project wiki with your social networks - Twitter, Facebook, etc
  • Adding this donation widget to your blog, website

With your help, we can make this dream a reality. All contributions are greatly appreciated!

My 2012 Fundraising Target

I am hoping to raise $350 USD to fund this inaugural 2012 project.

A rough breakdown of costs for this project is as follows:
  • 3 x Sketchbooks - $39
  • 3 x World Maps - $30
  • Initial Postage (out of Australia) - $150
  • DHL Courier - estimated $150*

* We are funding our scrapbook's visit to the SAV School in remote Nepal, which requires us to use the DHL courier service.