The Global Classroom Memento Scrapbook Project originated out of The Global Classroom Project, a pioneering global education community helping teachers and students connect, share, learn, and collaborate worldwide.


In 2013, the Global Classroom Memento Project is evolving into several distinct components, three of which provide teachers with the opportunity to create & manage their very own global scrapbook exchanges!

1) Global Classroom Scrapbooks

The original #globalclassroom scrapbook project remains an invitation-only project for members of the Global Classroom Project. This is primarily due to my personal out-of-pocket costs, as I'm not a classroom teacher. This project began in March 2011, and the three scrapbooks will likely be on the road until at least mid 2014. New scrapbooks will be added as required.

2) #iEARN25 Celebration Scrapbooks

More details coming soon

3) Asia Education Foundation BRIDGE Scrapbook Project

Details to be confirmed

4) Launch YOUR OWN Scrapbook Exchange!

In 2013, I'm releasing the original #globalclassroom planning documents, philosophy statement, and idea under a Creative Commons (CC-BY-NC-SA) license. This means you can freely adapt and modify the scrapbook project for non-commercial use, providing you share the resultant work under the same license.

You get to use your own scrapbook, choose which countries you'd like it to visit during the course of your school year, and manage it as your own global project. We'd love it if you'd add a link and photos to your scrapbook project right here on this wiki, which will enable us to share it with a much wider audience!