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Celebrating Global Connections & Collaborations Through the Travelling Memento Scrapbook
We come from different countries, cultures, and economic situations, yet we are learning with the world beyond our classroom walls; building respect, understanding, and a sense of our common humanity. We are making new friends, building community, and beginning to realise how our richly diverse global connections are changing our classrooms, and our very lives.

In March 2012, I launched the Global Classroom Memento Scrapbook project, sending off an artist's sketchbook on an epic circumnavigation of the globe. What started as one big idea, an opportunity for teachers, students, and parents to create to celebrate their global connections and collaboration, has become so much more ...

We're opening up this project to the world
As of January 2013, there are three Global Classroom Project scrapbooks travelling the world. To date, they have visited 11 schools across 9 countries, and are about to head into schools in some of the most remote, isolated parts of the world. And this is just the beginning.

This year, I am releasing the scrapbook planning documents, philosophy, and archives under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY-NC-SA); and working with organisations such as iEARN and the Asia Education Foundation to bring this project to a wider audience. This will mean teachers, classrooms, and schools around the world will be able to create & manage their own scrapbook exchanges, and share their experiences & photos via this wiki.


Michael Graffin
Perth, Western Australia